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Hrvatski Institut Direktora je neovisna, dobrovoljna i neprofitna udruga fizičkih i pravnih osoba osnovan u Splitu, 06. srpnja 2007. god., s osnovnim ciljem djelovanja da se funkcija direktora, članova upravnih i nadzornih odbora obavlja kao zasebna interdisciplinarna profesija.

Hrvatski Institut Direktora je ravnopravni član Europske konfederacije udruženja Direktora – ecoDa i nezavisni je glas koji teži izvrsnosti u onome što radimo. Obrazovni program i konferencije, politika rada, vrednovanje radnih skupina s naglaskom na otvorena pitanja korporativnog upravljanja i njeno usuglašavanje sa Europskom Komisijom i Parlamentom su naš doprinos unutar Europske konfederacije Direktora.

Ponosni smo što je naša udruga dugogodišnji pokrovitelj znanstvene konferencije OFEL – u svezi korporativnog upravljanja. Naši članovi su aktivni u znanstveno - istraživačkoj mreži SEE CGAN za razvoj korporativnog upravljanja u jugoistočnoj Europi te u radnim skupinama ecoDa – glasu Direktora u Europi.

Pozivam sve zainteresirane da odvojite nekoliko trenutaka i istražite naš svijet pregledavanjem naše web stranice. Izuzetna mi je čast da nas kontaktirate i pridružite se našim nastojanjima razvoju korporativnog upravljanja u Republici Hrvatskoj.

S poštovanjem, Ljiljana Katičić

Predsjednica Hrvatskog Instituta Direktora

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Javni natječaj za odabir kandidata za predsjednika Uprave i članove Uprave tvrtke Đuro Đaković Grupa d.d.


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Save the date - The King IV Report: The “New Grail” in Corporate Governance? 16th November 2017


Register for the 7th webinar of our series - 13 October 2017
A Joint conference with AIG, ecoDa and FERMA

Crisis Solutions
13th October at 10.30 CET (The seventh webinar of our series)

The webinar is organized by AIG, the European Confederation of Directors' Associations (ecoDa), and the Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA).

Keynote speakers:
Andrew Glazzard, Director, National Security and Resilience, RUSI
Gus Green, Head of Global Terrorism Risk Consulting, AIG
Scott Walker, Senior Managing Consultant, NYA International
Georges Wanet, Managing Director of 1A Consulting

What to expect from our panellists:

Andrew Glazzard, Director, National Security and Resilience, RUSI will discuss the range of terrorist threats, setting out potential trajectories for how those threats will develop, and how governments and security authorities are seeking to manage the threat. He will cover:

The global threat from violent Islamist extremism, and how it is likely to develop once ISIL loses its sanctuaries in Syria and Iraq;
How and why the threat from Islamist violent extremist groups varies between countries (including in Western Europe);
The threat in Europe and North America from extreme right-wing groups and individuals, and how it relates to the violent Islamist threat (so-called 'reciprocal radicalisation');
How authorities especially in the West are responding to these threats, and the implications for the overall management of risk from terrorism.

Gus Green , Head of Global Terrorism Risk Consulting, AIG will give a detailed overview of the Global Terrorism Threats with special emphasis on discussing current/emerging terrorist targeting trends, including vehicle ramming and active shooter/knife attacks. As well as addressing effective risk mitigations measures that clients can take to limit risk.

Scott Walker, Senior Managing Consultant at NYA, will provide practical advice to businesses gleaned from managing over 150 response cases over the past two years. Through three different, sanitised but real-life case studies, Scott will cover the following key themes:

What is an appropriate response;
What to expect during and, crucially, after a terrorist incident;
What are the lessons learned from recent high-profile attacks?

For more information: here

To register: here


ecoDa's Reaction to the Interim Report of the High Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance


The European Confederation of Directors’ Associations (ecoDa) together with the European Banking Federation (EBF) are organizing a joint event on October 25th on Boards’ efficiency and fit & proper rules in financial organizations on the EBF premises in Brussels (Avenue des Arts 56) from 9.00 to 12.00 (followed by a cocktail).

Board effectiveness is a key challenge for boards, a challenge that goes far beyond judging structural elements such as board composition and the definitions of roles and responsibilities. A key driver lies in board dynamics, where independence (of mind) and professionalism play a crucial role.

The European Central Bank has recently published a guide on the 'fit and proper' assessments that it undertakes in respect of board members for the institutions under its direct supervision. The European Banking Authority, in cooperation with ESMA, is also about to issue its updated guidelines which aim at further improving and harmonising the assessment of suitability within the EU financial sector and at ensuring sound governance arrangements in institutions.

Our confirmed speakers include:

Margarita Delgado, Deputy General Director at the European Central Bank
Bernd Rummel, European Banking Authority,
Frédéric Hervo, Director for international affairs at the Autorité de contrôle prudentiel et de résolution (ACPR)
Luc Friedman, Chairman of Banque Internationale in Luxembourg,
Lutgart Van den Berghe, Chair of ecoDa Policy Committee
Caroline Veris, Partner, Deloitte, FSI Governance & regulatory affairs
Christophe Vandoorne, Korn Ferry
The speakers will question: How judging ‘the fit’ of an individual board member should be done in light of the composition of the global board? What should be the periodicity and the depth of assessments? How should the national supervisors complement the role of boards in assessing the suitability of directors, before any nomination or re-nomination?

The conference will finally question to what extent the ECB and EBA guidelines might be inspirational for a more general reflection on ‘internal governance’ from the perspective of a conglomerate or industrial group and all of its constituent companies and business units.

Registration: here
See the programme: here


Novi zakon o upravljanju državnom imovinom: Uprave državnih tvrtki birat će nadležna ministarstva

Brussels, August 30, 2017 – In its response to the Corporate Governance Green Paper, the British Government is pushing for a business-led development of a code designed for large privately-held businesses. As commented by Stephen Martin, Director General of the British Institute of Directors and board member of ecoDa: “The IoD is particularly pleased that there will be a code for large private businesses, as the principles of good governance should extend beyond the companies listed on the stock market”.

Already back in 2010 ecoDa introduced the first Guidance on Corporate Governance for unlisted companies. It has since been translated and spread throughout Europe as well as being acknowledged by the European Commission in the feedback statement of its 2012 Action plan on Corporate Governance framework.

The codes for listed companies provide a useful benchmark for unlisted companies. However, ecoDa is of the opinion that the underlying rationale of such best practice should be different to the one used for listed companies.

As stressed by Lutgart Van den Berghe, Chair of ecoDa Policy Committee, “In contrast to listed companies, where the incentive for governance comes from external pressure and is compliance-focused, governance in unlisted companies has to be stimulated from within and should much more build upon the true value-drivers of governance, such as fostering continuity (over the generations), growth (opening towards external funding and new shareholders) and professionalism (checks & balances, objective decision-making rules, focus on the interest of the company, etc)”.

For Irena Prijovic, ecoDa Chair, “Given the great diversity within the universe of unlisted companies, it is important to avoid a one-size-fits-all approach and to focus on the largest private companies as the British Government plans to do”. Irena Prijovic wishes success to the British IoD which will be involved in the drafting of this new Code.

The press release: 20170829_ecoDa_press_release-_UK_CG_Reform-_Code_for_unlisted_companies_FINAL.pdf


Tipurić: Mostov model reotkupa Ininih dionica sadržava mnogo sistemskih pogrešaka


Corporate Governance

Board Agenda is the independent resource for a global community of executive & non-executive board directors, institutional investors and recognised industry experts, providing access to high quality journalism and shared experience about emerging issues that are shaping corporate strategy.


Grubišić: U Agrokor moraju ući ozbiljni novci - Otvoreno HRT



4. svibnja St. Julijus na Malti je bio domaćin jubilarnoj 20-toj Europskoj konferenciji iz korporativnog upravljanja. Konferencija je okupila preko 300 eminentnih svjetskih stručnjaka i govornika iz područja korporativnog upravljanja a Hrvatsku je predstavljala Predsjednica CID-a - Katičić. Pokroviteljstvo nad konferencijom osigurao je EY EAME, EY Malta, Institut Direktora Malta sa Instituom za Menadžment te ecoDa - Europska konfederacija Direktora Europe te Business Europe and European Issuers. Konferencija je organizirana u pet panela - dugoročno stvaranje vrijednosti, izgradnja povjerenja u korporativno upravljanje, korporativna i socijalna odgovornost, digitalizacija i inovacije, revizija i financijski izvještaji. U prekrasnoj ozračju nove predsjedavajuće članice EU - Malte održan je i sastanak Skupštine ecoda na kojem je prisustvovala na poziv ecoDa i Predsjednica CID-a - Ljiljana Katičić te je usvojeno Izvješće za 2016. god. Nova predsjednica ecoDa - Irena Prijević predstavila je izvješće o radu za 2016. god., te buduće aktivnosti i projekte na kojima ecoDa u suradnji sa Europskom Komisijom sudjeluje uz značajan doprinos i Hrvatskog Instituta Direktora uz veliku pohvalu za dosadašnji rad.

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Register for our our next 2 day training for European Directors will take place on 26 & 27 October 2017 at L42, rue de la Loi 42, 1040 Brussels.
Draft programme: here
Download registration form: here
If you need a hotel room, we recommend Thon Hotel EU, rue de la Loi 75, 1040 Brussels, a few minutes walk to the training venue.

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